Gray Ghost Daydreams

    Since I started taking pictures, this image was always stuck in the back of my mind.  It was almost like I had to go through different levels of progression to unlock it, sort of like a game.  I always knew I would pull it off, because I wanted to, more than anything. The real question was when exactly that would be.  Sure enough, a year and a few months into this photography gig and I’ve “unlocked” the shot.  

    I can’t even count how many times I’ve held up my camera just to picture what a perfectly lit, late afternoon Gray Ghost would look like cruising through my frame.  Now I don’t have to imagine anymore.  This bird could not have been more accommodating.  Matt and I were parked out at one of our favorite spots, hoping for a good look at something.  The bird flew right past the window, not even minding that we were there.  As he drifted right in front of the windshield I reached for my camera as quickly as I could. In an instant the bird cruised by and I clicked away six shots or so, only four being in focus.  As the bird continued past the car, I took a glance at my camera screen to see how the shots came out.  All I could do was smile; I finally got the shot I was looking for.  

    I could not have written it any better, nor could I have been happier with the outcome.  This was definitely a turning point in my confidence and love for photography, and surely a moment I will never forget.